RB26 S13 – Pre Matsuri Photoshoot

Before Matsuri, the S13 got some quality time in front of a camera.


Taking photos of this thing had been planned a long, long time ago. Over 3 years actually!


Back when I met up with a friend in Sydney to get these photos of my S15, we talked about doing the S13 when it was finished.



Fast forward a few years and a lot of patient waiting, we finally got the chance to do some more photos!


Luckily we had short track to ourselves for a few hours before the horde of drivers came through the gates.



While Joshh took photos, I sat around smiling at the car. Still over the moon that I had actually made it to the event!


Even though there was a heap of stuff I would have preferred to get more time with, I think it still came out pretty amazing.


Plus Joshh got some really sweet shots!


I’d love to get a couple of these framed so I have the memory of what it looked like when I first finished it.


And I can always look back and remember that 2015 was a pretty intense year.

If you want more cool matsuri shots, check out Joshh’s Flickr!


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