100mm Certified III 2015

A couple weeks after WTAC, I had an invite to the annual 100mm event in Melbourne CBD.


After Queensland the only thing I needed to check over was the kit and a couple mechanical things. I didn’t really touch the car after the big trip as I wanted a little break, but thought it might be worth checking over stuff just in case.


The one thing I needed to sort was the power steering issue. Not only was a massive pain in the ass not being able to steer, but the reservoir had been leaking pretty heavily. I also had to partially patch up the kit after destroying the passenger side skirt.


100mm was held in the heart of Melbourne CBD at Birrarung Marr Park and I needed to be on site at 6am, so I got up at 4am, loaded up everything and headed out.

S13 2

This was the first show the car had been involved in as a finished car, so of course I wanted to make it look the best it possibly could.


Unloaded and ready for the kit! I seriously love looking at this car in every form.


Remember that girl from my WTAC post? Jasmine? She flew down to melbourne to hang and take some photos for Zen Garage.


After flooding snapchat and Instagram, we drove down the street and into the park to find a spot.


I had been speaking to Mark from Saintside leading up to the event and organising to have the car parked at the stand for the day.

I was one of the early entrants which was surprising since we got there about an hour late!


After a bit of setup and meeting a few friends, I took the bonnet off and went for a walk around the park.

Since I moved to Melbourne, I very rarely go to the city. I wouldn’t say I avoid it, but I’ve never really had anything to do in the city. I think this year while I’m studying I’ll probably end up spending a lot more time in the CBD and exploring a lot more.


The variety of cars at the event was crazy. Admittedly it was dominated by 86’s and plenty of euro’s, but everything had something different to check out. I miss going to meets like this, especially since I haven’t been to a show for a few years. Styles are completely different to what they used to be a few years ago.


Like always, I looked over my own car, still thinking about what was next and what I could have done better over the build.


There is plenty I would have done better, like the power steering for example. I would have loved to run a full tub in the front end as well, but never had the time to incorporate it into the build.

I really need to buy a valley cover, it looks so naked at the top! Plus seeing the coil pack loom isn’t very appealing.

After a few walks up and down the park checking out some cars, I headed into the city with Jasmine to get some lunch.

Side note; If you ever visit Australia and like burgers, check out Grill’d. Maybe I have a serious addiction, but pretty much any time I see a Grill’d somewhere I NEED to eat. I’ve been to plenty of burger places all over Melbourne and Sydney, but nothing compares in my opinion.


While we were away, a bunch of supercars had turned up and taken over the entire front strip. Don’t think I’ve seen so much money lined up together in one place. Lamborghini’s, new BMW’s and a McLaren.

People think I have spent heaps of money on my car, and to be honest I have, but not even close to what it costs to buy a supercar!


Another thing I really wanted to fix were my headlights. I’m sure you have noticed in the previous posts or might have seen a photo on Instagram/Facebook where my headlights are wonky. I have hated this ever since I finished the car.

I didn’t account for enough of an angle when the mounts were being made, which means both headlights foul on the top of the intercooler. Unfortunately there was no easy way to permanently fix it and as I ran out of time before matsuri, I just left it.

That’s the biggest cosmetic problem the car has and I have partially fixed it. Just need to rework the upper mounting point for the intercooler and adjust the guards so they line up a little nicer.


As the show came to a close, everybody crowded around the DJ stage. They had a few trophies to give away with 3 cars nominated for each award. My car got nominated for Best Engine with a couple other amazing cars. It won which was awesome! There were plenty of cars with some serious engine bays and amazing paint work so to take that home was cool.


The final award was Best of Show. The three nominations were Australia’s first RWB Porsche, the new Carbon Plus GTR (this thing looked like a million dollars) and my car. Very overwhelming to be put in the same category as two very expensive high profile cars.


The RWB Porsche took out best of show for the event, I was still over the moon after winning an award and just getting nominated for best of show. Might not seem like much, but it’s nice to get something after all the work!


I met up with a few friends, hi5’s all round and plenty of smiles then started to pack up everything with the Saintside guys.


The bump out drive turned out to be very interesting.


The exit road was a main road in the city and my car isn’t very good when it encounters terrain changes. Basically any harsh driveway means the kit cops a beating.


I took off the front bar and side skirts so we could get out.

I guess you could say this is a street car now.


Definitely street legal.


After some street antics, I threw the kit on and took a bunch of photos with Jasmine. The whole weekend could not have been any better!



No tripod meant the Stagea became a DIY camera stand. Worked pretty sweet!


Started to get late so I stripped off the kit and loaded it up to head home.



Not sure if modelling or just really well timed photo..


I had a rad time at 100mm and if my car is looking OK at the end of 2016 I’ll definitely head out again. No idea what I’m going to change to make it stand out again, but I’ve got 10 months to think of something so I’ll see what happens!


Good job car, you did well in 2015.


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