DriftX 2015

I headed out to DriftX towards the end of last year to put the car on display, ended up having a bit of fun on track at lunch!


After 100mm I wanted to go over everything again and clean up some bits. The engine bay had a bunch of dirty fluid from leaking power steering and the rear guards were full of tyre fragments from matsuri.


I love spending a saturday in the shed, especially when the sun is out and it’s not boiling hot. Really looking forward to winter over here!


Over the next year I’d love to get some work done in the shed as well. I’ve already started playing with some design idea’s to brighten things up and make it a more productive space to work in. I want to paint the floor, get a few tools setup and maybe redo the lighting if I can. But, all depends on how I go with funds!

I got everything cleaned up and drove the car out for a wash.


The sun started to come down and I needed to get everything loaded up for the next day, so I put it on the trailer and got some sleep.


7am arrival out at Calder Park was fun, last time I had been here with a car was July 2014 in the 180sx.


Unloaded everything and started putting the kit together.


I’m pretty keen to try a few little things over the next 12 months and see what does/doesn’t work on the car. I’ve still got a big list of bits to make and things to buy so if I can afford it in 2016, I’ll definitely try and get a few ticked off the list.

I met up with Mark from SaintSide again and parked the car for the display. Might seem a bit poser but no matter what people say, I love taking this thing to shows!


I went for a quick walk through the pits to check out some of the cars and see some friends. Pretty much every direction you were looking at something different, huge variety of power plants and so many variations of chassis choice.


DriftX is very similar to the annual matsuri’s. They run a 2 day format (Saturday, Sunday) with a night session on the dome layout under lights. The vibe and style was exactly like Queensland matsuri which was awesome!

When lunch time came around on Saturday, all the marshals and flag guys had the chance to get some food and relax. In the meantime they had a crazy burnout car out for some crowd entertainment on the main straight. I was walking past Choonga as he was announcing it on the microphone and I jokingly asked if I could do some burnouts as well. Dude said yes!

Wasn’t sure if he was serious or not, so I stood there and processed it for a minute..

Long story short, lunch time entertainment was fun!



One thing to note, I’ve never done burnouts.

Sure they seem easy enough to do, but apart from the 30 second celebration burnout in my shed a couple years ago, I’d never actually done one before.


Choonga said I had the entire straight to myself so just do whatever.


I couldn’t see anything so basically just tried not to bin the car into the wall.


It wasn’t really a static burnout, more like a 2nd/3rd gear session doing random things up and down the straight.


After a few minutes the car was starting to get a bit hot and both side skirts had left the party, so I did a couple loops and hammered 3rd down to the end!


Burnouts were heaps of fun and the car was still in one piece (skirts were good!), so I parked up for the rest of the afternoon and went for some passenger runs with friends.


Someone photoshopped green headlight globes in for me, thanks!

With the daytime sessions coming to an end and light starting to fade away, all the trade stands started packing up. The VicDrift guys were handing out some trophies for the cars on display, pretty cool to see this sitting on my car!


Saturday night on the thunderdome was rad! Drifting under lights, music, friends and heaps of laughs make events like these worth going to. If I get the chance to, I’d love to drive 2016 DriftX with some friends. I’ve planned to do things a little quieter over the year but maybe I can sneak in one event.

I’ll see what happens!



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