Christmas 2015

This was the first time my cars had all been in the same spot and all completely finished.


I’ve done this christmas tradition 6 times now (I wasn’t blogging when I did the first one) and after all those years, each car was drivable and finished. That was something I’d been dreaming of since I first started building these in 2010.


This was also the third christmas I’d spent at my place in Melbourne. Ever since I moved in, I have done almost nothing to my house. All my time has been spent building cars, driving cars, working in the shed or working at my normal job. A lot of the time I feel like I have no time to put work into the house, but in 2016 I’m going to dedicate more time to things unrelated to the cars.


I really want to do a bunch of work to the shed to make it a little cleaner and setup a bit better. Paint the floor, mount a bunch of things, redo some of the lighting and shelving, then build another big bench. Everything will help whenever I want to get some things done on the cars.

Organisation is a massive thing for me. If you aren’t organised, things never get done right and nothing will be finished on time.


I drove out both drift cars from the shed, each of them ready for a wash. I brought the S15 down from the garage which I had washed a couple days before for it’s 5 year anniversary (bought it December 23rd, 2010!). It felt so good to have all of them drivable, no more pushing and killing myself!


After the last drift day in the S13 at Winton, the front bar was almost obliterated. It was in three pieces along the bottom, only just holding on for life. At this point, you would think about just buying another kit right? Not if you are really tight on money and just want to go drifting.


Put it all together and hosed it down, Winton dirt had infected the entire car and after seeing how difficult it was to get off the 180sx, I made sure it was non existent ASAP.


Even though it still had a blown gearbox, everything was working perfect. I would love to spend a little bit of time getting some engine bits for this car to make it a little more raspy like the 180sx, but I’ll have to see how finances go this year. Cams would be nice!


One down, one to go.


Where do I start with this car.

I’ve owned 9 cars now and this was #2. My first was the blue street S13 (some of you would have never seen that car), then about 2 weeks later I bought this car. All it had was a standard CA18 with a few bolt ons, some average wheels and fresh orange paint.


Out of everything on this car, there are only 2 things that have stayed the same since I bought it. The CA front and the paint. Everything else I have either modified or completely changed.

I love everything I have done to this thing and how amazing it is to me. Sure I’ve gone through some gearboxes and a few other mechanical dramas but I have not once had an internal engine problem or something I can’t fix. This car has been very good to me and I have always loved driving it. It drives so smooth, it’s very easy to control/transition and overall I love how it looks.


A friend recently told me this car looks like it has my soul invested into it and to some extent I agree with him. It’s a very different car to the S13, both driving and the way it looks. Thinking back over how both builds have gone, I feel like I put more heart into this car. Whereas instead of contemplating things for weeks and making thought out decisions, the S13 was just solid hard work combined with endless imagination.

I wouldn’t change how I did either build, but it’s something for me to think about.


Either way, having all of them together as finished pieces was pretty cool. I’d love to say I’m doing every event possible in 2016, but after a massive year with the S13 I need to put my focus on working and studying. I will still attend some events and keep working on each of them to improve things, but this year will be a lot more relaxed compared to the past few.

I know it’s a month late, but thanks to everybody that spent time reading or even complimented me throughout 2015/the S13 build. Everything like that motivates me to keep posting this stuff.

Thanks dudes!



2 thoughts on “Christmas 2015

  1. Thanks for the reply the other day, about reading through your blog to find what i was looking for, pretty much answered my question, but just wondering how much travel u got?

    Anyways, awesome write up! I read every single one of your write ups beginning to end starting from introduction to MC Xmas Bash staying up till 4:30am the previous day to finish it off haha. I must say, was awesome seeing the transformation of the RBS13 as I remember seeing pics of it on the net when you just got the VSXX’s on and had the pink blister kit on, at first round ADGP, which got me curious, coz I too want to build a baller Blister S13 someday 😛

    Keep up the awesome posts!

    • Thanks for the read dude!
      The S13 has a normal amount of travel, everything that was an issue for movement has either been removed or modified to allow it to move.

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