RB26 S13 – More Black!

A few engine bits got some black treatment over the past 2 weeks.


If you haven’t noticed already, I really like black. Everybody says they like black, but I really LOVE black. So much that, if I had the time I’d paint the exterior walls of my house black just because it would look awesome.

But before I do something that drastic, I’ll keep it limited to the S13.


At the start of the month I played with the idea of painting some engine bits to make everything look more uniform. I guess I didn’t really play with an idea, 15 minutes into the idea my CAS housing was painted.


Surprisingly for half a tin of $8 spray paint, it looked amazing.


And it matched the engine setup a lot better than the original cast colour. I looked at a few other bits and thought about painting them too, couldn’t really turn back by this point.


Ignitor got the treatment as well and looked just as good as the CAS.


You may think, why not paint the valley cover you idiot? Well, the cam covers on the engine are powder coated, not painted. So it’s not as simple as buying a spray can and hitting it with colour.


But I was thinking of adding in a couple other things with the valley cover to get powder coated, just to see what it looked like.


I had seen photos of compressor housings powder coated and it looked amazing on an all black setup. I was a bit nervous doing it because replacing these is not a cheap process and if I didn’t like it, it would be something I would have to deal with.


But, I went ahead with it and sent everything away to get powder coated to match the engine. There were a few delays but I finally got them back last week and they came out looking pretty good!


Also some advice; If you decide to put masking tape on the outlets, make sure you ask the powder coater to remove the tape as soon as they finish. When they coat it at 200ºC+ and eventually let it cool down, the masking tape basically turns to crust but it doesn’t lose its adhesion to the surface. So I spent about an hour scraping off the tape from the mouth of each turbo. It sucks, but I’ll know what to avoid for next time.


The valley cover turned out amazing as well, you have no idea how happy I am to finally have this piece!


Looked good so far.


And with turbos on it looks really good!


There is still a few other things I’d like to clean up/coat but for now that can wait.


At some point over the next month or two I’d like to pull off the manifolds and polish them. Not electro polish like they do with off-the-shelf manifolds where it looks like a mirror finish, I hate that look. More so polish the raw stainless so it has a wet look. I’ll have to go over it with a wire wheel and scrub it by hand so it’s going to take a fair bit of time. With the rewire only 2 weeks away, I probably won’t be doing it until the car comes home.


Oh also, that’s masking tape on the RB26 logo, I was trying something.

As well as the manifolds, I want to get the rear turbo housings ceramic coated black to match everything. I’m still working on my new cooler setup which will give me more space in the front and easier mounting options for things like headlights, catch can and a coolant swirl pot once I make it.


With everything fitted it looks amazing though! Very happy with how it turned out.

Now that I only have a couple weeks left until the car gets rewired, I’ll be starting some fabrication bits and spending some time finishing the cooler setup in that time. I’d like to have it all done before July 1st so it can go in for a rewire without having things half finished.


I’ve been saving money like a maniac for months now and am getting seriously sick of working so much, but I can almost see the finish! I’ll just keep working and thinking about what all the money is going towards.

If everything falls into place, I will be able to have the car fitted, tuned and fresh for a September test day. No promises, but I’m trying seriously hard to make it happen.


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