RB26 S13 – WeAreLikewise Toys

Last month I got some awesome stuff from the Likewise guys for the S13.


Early June I was speaking to Jordan and Ben about putting some bits on my car to make certain things stand out a little more. If you have seen anything from Likewise, you will know how much attention it attracts, even more so when they do a custom colour to match your ridiculous interior!

Let’s start with the packagaing, even the boxes they come in are rad.


Seal. Deal with it.


First up, new wheel nuts!


If you haven’t heard of Likewise, you might think I’m an idiot when I write what I got for the car. Nickname creativity is a high priority for everything they make.


The wheel nuts are their latest release, Royals with Unicorn Vomit crowns. Like I said, name creativity is huge for these guys and it makes everything so much more awesome.


If you are a long time follower of the S13, you would have noticed that the car has always had mismatched wheel nuts. In the entire time I’ve owned the car, I have never bought a set of wheel nuts until now. Whenever I had to move it around, I would just borrow some off the 180sx and use whatever else I had laying around at the time. Most of it’s life was spent on 3 wheel nuts per side! It was a shitty idea but it wasn’t one of my main concerns when I was building everything else.

Now that I’ve got a fresh set of Royals, that means there is one less thing to borrow from the 180sx. Still got the seats though!


I went with the rainbow coloured crowns because I wanted something that could shine in my wheel barrels. Can’t wait to see it out in the sun with some wheel polish!


Also, I feel bad for anyone who tries to steal my wheels. The Crowns also act as security so I imagine your fingers won’t last long if you try anything stupid.


The next two pieces are the best part of the package.


My new shifter setup consists of a custom Lime Green Rod Stewart…


…along with a Blek(black) Nad.


Not only are these awesome looking bits, I think it’s the colours that make this perfect for my car. I asked the boys if there was a possibility of anything similar to my colour scheme and they had the perfect answer for me. The green is almost identical to my interior so there’s no chance it will look out of place.


As for the top half of my shifter, The Nad, I wanted something basic. I’ve always liked to keep my driving tools as simple as possible. I like basic gear knobs and a simple steering wheel, nothing super crazy. The Nad is small, smooth and best of all it looks awesome.


Just like the Rod Stewart underneath, it matches my colour scheme, so this is about as good as it gets when you try to match aftermarket bits to your paint job.


See?! Everything matches!


Once I have my gearbox fitted I’ll be throwing up more photos of the interior along with a better rundown on some of the work I’ve done to tidy things up.


The next piece is going to take a bit of imagination to work properly.


This is called The Love Button.

Usually it replaces your factory handbrake button to hold the locking claw up if you want to go drifting. Seeing how I don’t have a factory handbrake, that option doesn’t apply. Instead, I’m going to use it as my new nitrous purge button on my dash, which I think is equally as cool!


I couldn’t be happier with this stuff, especially the new shifter setup. Looking forward to getting the car back soon so I can fit all the pieces and test everything. I think I’m more excited to play with the nitrous purge button than anything else. Must be 9 year old Oliver trying to live his Need for Speed Underground dreams.

Either way I love everything!

If you are keen on anything from Likewise, head to – wearelikewise.com – and have a look around. They make adaptors to suit heaps of applications and have a bunch of ridiculous names for each one of their shifters. Best of all, they are currently building a brand new car with all of their gear.

Thanks dudes, this stuff will get used and taken care of!


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