RB26 S13 – Interior Cleanup Part 1

After re-reading the build stages of 2015, I’ve realised I never posted much about my interior. This is the first of a few posts on making the S13 interior a bit nicer.


I have to be honest, I was never happy with how my interior came out. Sure the S15 dash was what I wanted, but it didn’t feel comfortable inside. Cluster wasn’t great and the switch panel wasn’t even fitted to the dash, it was just sitting on the tunnel because the wiring to the panel didn’t reach the surround. I hated how the dash fit around the cage as well, it needed heaps more trimming so everything could sit nicely.

So I pulled everything apart and thought about how I could rework things and touch it up a bit.


The first thing I wanted to make sure of was that I could fit all my control units, buttons and gauges into the dash.

My Defi control unit wasn’t going to work in the cluster simply because there wasn’t enough room below the tacho. Plus the fact that I wanted to mount the OEM plastic casing in front of the gauges meant that there was no way the control unit was staying there.


I also needed to mount my nitrous button, fuel gauge, isolator power trigger and a new switch panel. The panel in the centre surround was going to house the Motec PDM, window switches and the ECU comms plug. It sounds really busy when I write it all out, but after having it set up, things didn’t look too bad.

Also, yes I was doing this in my front room whilst watching South Park. 10/10 show.


I drew up a quick plan for my switch panel, made a template out of cardboard and made sure everything was going to fit properly.

Then started cutting out the driver side of the dash for my Defi control unit.


Just needed a rubber seal so the edges were flush, it’s almost a perfect fit.


Next was the fuel gauge.


52mm STACK fuel level. Possibly one of the most useless things I have ever bought because my fuel tank sender was supplied wrong when I bought the tank back in early 2015. That means the lowest my fuel level gets to is about 1/2, but my tank will be empty. This is on my list of things to fix, just haven’t had the time or money to order a new sender and replace it.

Either way, I needed to mount it.


I trimmed a bit out of the original square, it will need a small plate on both sides just so it’s centred and there are no gaps.

Next I wanted to cut off a few pieces on the lower half of the dash so it would sit properly around the cage. Unfortunately my intrusion bars aren’t spaced in far enough for it to clear, so it’s a much easier job to just cut up the dash.



And cut the centre piece up a bit higher to neaten things up.


aaaaaaaand cut the OEM stereo surround.


Almost done.


Just need to make the switch panel and mount everything!


The final part was to mount my new nitrous button. If you read the post about my new Likewise bits, you would know I got one of their Love Buttons to use as a nitrous purge button.


I had to glue the button to an electrical push switch that would act as the firing button. The Love Button is just a cover that sits over the normal switch.


Sorta like this.


This is the normal button people use, unfortunately it wasn’t quite small enough to fit into the Love Button.


Had to shave it down.


And glue it in.


Next on the list was finalise and test a cluster design with new mounting tags and gauge spacing. I also had to get my switch panel design to the laser cutter and have everything ready for when I wanted it mounted. I’ll try and write up something over the weekend about the next few jobs if I have time. still plenty of stuff to cover!


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