RB26 S13 – New Box, Cams and Straps

There hasn’t been many upgrades on the S13 this year, mostly just rebuild bits. These few bits were the end of that.


Seeing how I’m past the most crucial financial stages of rebuilding the car, I figured it was time to tick off a few things that had been sitting on the ‘want’ list for a while.


First up was something I’d been wanting for almost 3 years. You might have noticed in some photos or in person, that my harnesses were mismatched. The passenger side had a green Takata and my driver side had a black ERG harness. Unfortunately ERG went broke a few years ago and their harnesses are impossible to find anymore. It sucks big time because I really liked mine, but I had always wanted some fresh matching ones.

The replacements were a pair of black 3″ 6-point Sparco harnesses with aluminium adjusters.


The quality on these is unbelievable.


They weren’t cheap, but they were the only thing I wanted in the car.


The next plan would be to get a new pair of seats, but I think I’ll wait until a later stage before I make that jump. Having a comfortable seat is the #1 priority otherwise I can’t drive how I want.

And because I am a skinny dude, the old Sparco Sprint seats are perfect for me. Believe it or not, I’ve had this seat for 9 years and it has been in about 5 cars now.


The next piece took a fair amount of researching and contemplating before making the jump.


I had always wanted the RB26 to sound more raspy, similar to how my CA sounds. I did love the way it sounded at high revs, but the lower/mid range just didn’t have the note I was after.


That’s where these came in.


I went with some 264•, 8.7mm lift HKS step 1 cams and holy crap I made a solid choice. These sound radical at idle and even more amazing when the engine is hammering some high revs. There were some slight cons with fitting them, but I’m happy to manage a little bit of extra turbo lag if it makes the engine sound how I want it. Once these were in the car and tuned, I was over the moon with the choice!

The final and most important part of this story is a new gearset.


As much as I would have loved to throw some serious dollars at the GSR gearbox, it just wasn’t going to happen in a short space of time. The CD009 option was still a great option, but the gearset was just a bit big and because of how low it hangs meant it wasn’t going to be a great option having my car super low.

I ended up buying another RB25 gearbox and sticking with what the car already had. It’s not the greatest option, but for what I needed to do it was going to be fine. As well as that, I’m about 98% sure I’ve fixed the issue that caused the first one to blow, so if this one lasts then I know I did the right thing by cutting out the rear tubs.


Now this is where things got a bit heavy for me and it had nothing to do with cars.

A few days after I picked up the gearbox, I lost my best friend and all round greatest dude I have ever known.


This guy was almost 16 years old and spent every minute with me either in the shed with cars, smashing xbox on the sofa or rolling down hills in the park because we were bored. That week was one of the hardest weeks of my life and unfortunately I had a feeling it was coming. The dude was 16, so we had a heap of time together. I’ve got countless memories with him snd I’m glad we got to hang in the shed heaps and play cars together every night for years.

I think the thing that killed me was that the next day I pushed myself to get the car started and it all happened exactly as planned. Gearbox was fitted, lines refitted, coolers fitted and every moving part was back onto the car.

I wasn’t happy, but it felt like a bittersweet moment after hearing the car start for the first time since it died back in February.


Everything was a mess, my tools were everywhere and I couldn’t get my mind off what had happened. I had no care for cleaning up, I just wanted to see it move so I could go inside and have at least one positive from that week.


So I put it on the ground and drove it out.


Seeing the car drive was great and that feeling of achievement was amazing.

The next few weeks were pretty rough, for obvious reasons. On a positive note, the car was running and I had completed a massive job on the list.


2 thoughts on “RB26 S13 – New Box, Cams and Straps

  1. So sorry to hear about the loss!! Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy, but just think about all the good memories you two have had together 🙂

    Great read as always! 🙂

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