Hi I’m Oliver and I’m from Melbourne, Australia.


I started this blog at the end of 2011 to keep track of my cars and to look back on the progress I’ve made through each one. Since then more and more people have told me they enjoy it so I’ve tried to keep posting as much as I can. Wether it’s building things or driving an event, you will find everything on here.


I bought my first drift car (the CA 180sx) in 2010 and have been involved ever since. That first drift car is the same one I own today.

Towards the end of 2010 I bought an S13 shell with plans to build something a bit ridiculous.

In 2015, I finished that plan. The end result is what you see below.


I currently own an Autech S15 Silvia, a 2.1L CA 180sx, an RB26 powered S13 Silvia and my daily Autech M35 Stagea.

Each car has it’s own unique qualities, some being power related while others are simply cosmetic.

Stagea 16

There are plenty of things to check out around the site so have a look around and enjoy!

– Oliver


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey man, I love your S-15! i live in Canada, i am currently in the process of purchasing my first Silvia and S-15 ! so excited cant wait, you have no idea. just wanted to let you know your car and design of the car has inspired me to have many great idea as to what i want to do to the car. keep up the awesome work!


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